When you deploy cash automation, self-service, and other IoT technology, you expect it to not only be there for your customers when they need it but also provide your business with a good return on investment.

However, over time, equipment and devices may require advanced technical support and help desk services to triage and resolve issues. Add in the complexity of supporting a range of multi-vendor, multi-equipment fleets, and it’s easy to see why many businesses turn to the experience and efficiency of a services provider.

But, as you’ve likely seen in other areas of your business, not all technical support and help desk services are created equal. 

Here are some of the key characteristics your business should look for in a trusted services provider:

What can a comprehensive services provider do for your business?

When you partner with a services provider for your cash automation, self-service, and related technology investments, you should expect more than just a number to call when there’s an issue. 

Here’s what your team can expect when partnering with a leader in the industry:

Broad Technical Support and Help Desk Services 

No matter the make, model, or age of your equipment, you will have access to expert OEM-specific level 2 and level 3 technical support and help desk specialists with the breadth and depth of experience you need.

Burroughs has been in business for more than 135 years, and our teams leverage their deep knowledge of the hardware and software you use to deliver a high-quality experience your customers expect.

Fast Response Times, Coast-to-Coast

Burroughs provides 24/7 technical support and help desk services combined with a cadre of service technicians, repair depots, and logistics networks, giving our team the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues fast no matter the size or location of your fleet.

In addition, Burroughs' technical support team leverages AR/VR technology plus an on-site equipment lab to assist service technicians in the field with real-time troubleshooting, which increases resolve times.

Lower Overhead, Higher Uptime

With unpredictable shifts in labor, businesses are considering what it means to partner with an organization that removes unnecessary stress that comes with internally managing maintenance, repair, and technical support. Rather than take on another costly expense, successful businesses can outsource to a partner to streamline their operations. Plus, with increasing customer demands, this makes technical acumen, training, and support all the more essential.

That said, businesses look for experienced providers who invest in technology, resources, and training of their technical support and service teams to ensure higher equipment uptimes, so their employees can focus more time and resources on providing end customers with a consistent, quality experience.

What sets Burroughs apart as technical support and help desk services partner?

Although other providers may provide some of the services your business needs, Burroughs sets itself apart because:

  • Two 24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support and help-desk teams 
  • Technical support teams provide OEM-specific level 2 and level 3 support
  • Utilize advanced tools, augmented reality (AR), and a full lab with over 100 pieces of equipment for real-time troubleshooting. 
  • Our team resolves service calls every 90 seconds. This means issues are triaged in real-time and resolved faster, so you can get back to the business of supporting your customers.

Take your technical support to the next level.

If your organization is looking for a trusted services provider to stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving marketplace, look no further than Burroughs.

No matter the size, scale, or scope of your business, Burroughs will provide you with high-quality technical support and help desk services. 

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