Between online shopping, social media advertising, and in-store promotions, it is clear that customers have many choices in where they spend their money.

These high expectations mean your organization should put additional stress on bolstering customer loyalty. In fact, the Customer Experience Trends Report 2020 from Zendesk shows that about half of the customers surveyed will leave a business after just one bad customer experience, and about 80 percent of them will leave after several bad experiences.

With stakes like these- paired with extra scrutiny on operating costs- it is now essential to partner with an experienced payment and transaction technology service provider. So what could a decision to partner with a payment and transaction technology service provider mean for your business and your customer loyalty?

1. Increased uptime and service technician response times ensure customer satisfaction.

The most essential part of servicing customers using equipment or any type of device is ensuring it is fully functional when your customers need it, no matter the time of day or day of the week.

Having a partner like Burroughs on your side means that no matter when an issue occurs, a Burroughs service technician can be there to meet your needs, either in person or via our Remote Monitoring and Managed Services support

With over 500 highly-skilled certified service technicians nationwide—backed by two U.S.-based 24/7 call centers with level 2 and 3 specialized tech support—our fast response times equate to increased uptime. In addition, Burroughs has forward-stocking locations and distribution centers across North America with quick access to parts when you need them. Our experience managing over 150,000 devices including, smart safes, ATMs, cash recyclers, kiosks, self-checkouts, and other 4-wall technology, means your fleet is operating at its peak.

2. Access to new features and functionality helps you meet customer expectations.

It seems every few weeks, our mobile phones, computers, and other devices receive updates packed with new security features, functions, and apps. 

This regular update cycle is the same for businesses as customers expect new ways to handle transactions, complete tasks using self-service, and integrate with other systems, accounts, and devices.

Fortunately, you do not have to handle these updates, tests, and implementation tasks on your own. Burroughs is OEM-agnostic, meaning we will help your organization find the right equipment, devices, and features, no matter the manufacturer. 

In other words, whether you need just one device updated or your entire fleet evaluated to deploy new features, Burroughs can help every step of the way.

Self-service devices are more in demand than ever before. Discover the benefit  these payment automation technologies can bring to your business.

3. Patched and maintained equipment keeps your devices secure.

As security threats evolve, it is important to deploy the patches and updates your equipment and devices need to stay secure and maintain data privacy. Not having a patch management plan or a team ready to test and deploy these updates could not only put your devices at risk, but also make it more expensive and time-intensive when required updates need to be implemented in the future.

This is another area in which a provider like Burroughs excels. Burroughs has the experience, SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and processes that allow for the efficient deployment of patches, updates, and maintenance requirements, paired with extensive knowledge of operating systems. This builds trust in your brand and gives your team peace of mind.

4. Streamlined maintenance means more resources to invest in customer services.

Having one number to dial and one service contract to manage means less stress in maintaining your fleet and lower maintenance costs. It also means that your internal service staff can spend more time on more strategic customer service tasks that help build customer loyalty. 

All of these savings equate to additional time and money to focus on other customer-facing investments.

Take the Next Step

Many factors influence customer loyalty. Some you can control, and others you cannot.

For the factors you can influence—such as the quality, performance, and responsiveness of your payment and transaction automation technologies—moving to a service and integration partner is a great decision. From increasing uptime to providing access to new features, Burroughs will make sure your fleet is always in good hands.

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