In just one quarter in 2017, almost 250,000 new businesses opened in the United States, each with their own banking, cash management, and financial device needs. Not only does this introduce a lot of new opportunities for customers, but this new business growth also brings with it new clients for channel partners to provide the much-needed devices and software they need to grow.

By partnering with Burroughs through the TransacTec™ Channel Partner Program, your business can take advantage of this growth while also deepening your relationships with current loyal customers. The TransacTec™ Channel Partner program offers many benefits to financial institutions, retailers, and even channel partners, helping your business simplify how you serve your customers with industry-leading products and services.

What TransacTec™ Device as a Service Delivers 

TransacTec™ is Burroughs’ holistic approach to device management that facilitates an evolving ecosystem of technologies and solutions. Through the TransacTec™ platform, your customers will have access to a wide offering of industry-leading payment and transaction technology devices systems with options that fit a range of business needs and budgets, including smart safes, self-service kiosks, cash recyclers and ATMs.

In addition to hardware, TransacTec™ delivers to your customers best-in-class middleware, analytical software, and proactive service facilitated through Burroughs’ existing and growing industry partnerships. With the TransacTec™ program, you and your customers will have peace of mind knowing that the country’s largest independent service provider will be there to handle issues and provide ongoing support through both on-site and Remote Managed Services (RMS) technology.

Finally, a partnership with TransacTec™ also means access to highly experienced project management teams that can help guide you and your customers through the full product lifecycle, from installation to replacement. 

How TransacTec™ Helps Channel Partners

If your business is looking to offer your customers the right mix of new technology, support, and cost, the TransacTec™ Channel Partner Program is the answer. 

Your business will benefit from Burroughs’ decades of financial and retail industry experience. We also have experienced service technicians throughout the country available to provide the support your customers need. Not only does this translate to having easy, worry-free service calls, but also the security and software updates that your business customers’ devices need to minimize downtime, improve their own customers’ experience, and stay compliant. Combined, these benefits offer your business customers new technologies while also helping to strengthen your relationships with them.

Finally, the TransacTec™ Channel Partner Program is also structured so that there are fewer upfront costs and more predictable ongoing costs for the same access to industry-leading equipment, without the major capital expense of purchasing. The Channel Partner Program even has attractive incentive plans built in, helping to deepen the relationship between Burroughs and your business’ own growth.

How TransacTec™ Helps Your Customers

TransacTec™ allows your business customers to have access to industry-leading payment and transaction technology devices and service and the peace of mind of comprehensive built-in service. Each new or certified fully refurbished product leased through TransacTec™ is packaged with remote managed services. They can be customized with device features, plus middleware and software to fit your customers’ needs, all with a more predictable monthly cost. Burroughs has over 500 experienced service technicians who are available nationwide via a 24x7 service desk, prepared to provide service and proactive maintenance to maintain high equipment uptime.

The TransacTec™ program is also structured to give your customers the flexibility that they need as market demand changes. Customers can easily scale their deployed devices up or down within the program, allowing you to provide only the devices, services, and support that they need without locking them into long-term contracts. 

Take Your Business Customers to the Next Level

The TransacTec™ Channel Partner Program puts decades of experience, industry partnerships, and hundreds of experienced service technicians in your corner, allowing you to offer your business customers new and exciting technologies. Together, this partnership can enhance their business and reduce overhead costs, while also strengthening your relationship and creating long-lasting loyalty to your business.

To learn more about how to become a TransacTec™ channel partner, contact the Burroughs team.

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