Making changes to your cash management lifecycle can save you time and money.

Seventy-one percent of cash-related costs that businesses face are related to their front-of-store activities. That’s a real hit to the bottom line.

Between the time cash leaves your customer’s wallet to its final deposit in the bank, there are at least six touchpoints. Whether it’s accidentally accepting counterfeit cash, miscounting what's received or the change that's given out, there is a lot of room for error. 

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The good news is that advanced cash management technology can reduce these touchpoints and greatly decrease the risk of shrink: all while improving efficiency at every point. 

Download our infographic, “From Wallet to Bank: The Life of a Dollar Bill,” to discover:

  • All of the touchpoints and their associated risks.
  • Where you can improve your cash management efficiency.
  • The technology that can reduce touchpoints and shrink.
  • The next steps in optimizing your cash management.

Download the Infographic

From Wallet to Bank: The Life of a Dollar Bill infographic