When you decide to partner with a service and integration provider, you put a great deal of trust in them. From taking care of the cash automation technology that facilitates many core facets of your business to identifying the equipment and software that will drive your growth, there are a lot of decisions that you will make together. For this reason, choosing the best service and integration provider for your brand may be a difficult decision.

This decision can come with trepidation given the financial investment you made in your payment and transaction automation technology ecosystem. This is why you need a service and integration provider that values training and experience, providing both peace of mind and the foundation for a long-term partnership.

So why should you look for a service and integration provider with a focus on training and experience?

Focus on Quality, Compliance, and Standardization

If your organization is like most, the hardware and software that make up its payment and transaction technology come from a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and providers. Without an experienced service partner, prolonged downtime, recurring issues, and additional maintenance fees can affect your day-to-day operations. You may also deal with a piece-meal, multi-vendor approach to service and support, which can be cumbersome to manage and increase your overall maintenance costs.

However, with the right partner, just one phone call gets you access to a team able to troubleshoot and resolve issues across a wide range of OEMs and manufacturers. For example, Burroughs has a training center of excellence and lab in our Elmhurst location. This center allows us to deliver both in-person and online training to approximately 200 Burroughs service technicians per year, focusing on a wide range of technology and giving our technicians the experience they need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Because of these investments, the service technicians at Burroughs have an average tenure of about six years, complemented by an average of at least eight industry certifications across support teams. This allows the Burroughs team to more efficiently deploy new technology and more thoroughly understand maintenance requirements. With extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of operating systems, compliance to Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, and encryption technology backed by a SOC 2 Type 2 certification, your business will be in good hands with Burroughs.

Proactive, Prescriptive Equipment Service

Knowing the signs to look for—either via a remote monitoring and managed services capability or during routine preventive maintenance—means you can prevent issues before they negatively impact your bottom line. Building on years of experience, Burroughs developed a consistent approach to service calls, ensuring that every service technician interaction not only fully addresses the issue at hand, but also takes and documents preventative actions to avoid future problems.

The same can apply to new features, patches, releases, repairs, and equipment refurbishments that could enhance the functionality of your fleet. Burroughs prides itself in staying ahead of developments and innovations in the industry and utilizing an in-house lab to support real-time technical troubleshooting on more than 100 different devices. 

With this proactive approach, Burroughs takes the time to understand the impacts hardware and software updates or upgrades could have throughout your payment and transaction automation technology ecosystem. Not only will this keep your devices protected and consistent for customers, but it will also extend the lifespan of your investments.

Multiple Levels of Support

Finally, partnering with an experienced, well-trained service and integration provider ensures professional and productive interactions with your service and support team every time.

Burroughs has experience managing over 150,000 devices across North America, facilitating over 400,000 service calls every year with our more than 500 service technicians. We also have more than 100 logistics nodes, 3 distribution centers, and 2 repair facilities across the continent, helping us expedite your service and parts needs.

With Burroughs, you don't just have access to one service technician—you also have access to an expert 24/7, U.S.-based technical support team. This team provides remote troubleshooting for first- and second-line maintenance issues or—if needed—escalation to level two and level three in-house technical support who leverage AR tools and resources to improve speed to competency, accelerate deployment and resolution, and prevent additional downtime.

Take the Next Step

Every business wants its payment and transaction technology to run smoothly—both now and as features evolve—but only a few take the necessary steps to make that a reality.

For those that want to achieve peak performance, Burroughs combines deep experience with a holistic approach that puts your needs and priorities first. This allows the team to deliver full lifecycle management and support that best fit your business needs, regardless of the vendor or OEM.

So if your organization is looking for a trusted service and integration provider that can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace, Burroughs is here with our full suite of services. 

Contact us to learn more.

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