Elmhurst, IL - Burroughs Inc., North America’s largest independent service and integration provider of payment and transaction technology ecosystems, announced today a rebrand to its visual identity that reflects a commitment to delivering best-in-class service and solutions within financial, retail, gaming, and emerging markets through innovation, collaboration, agility, and service excellence.

Coinciding with the unveiling of its new brand, Burroughs launched an updated website (www.burroughs.com) that highlights the company’s OEM-agnostic technology approach and focus on providing integrated payment and transaction solutions to help customers get the most out of their technology investment.

The rebrand is the latest in a series of announcements over the past year that demonstrates a new era for Burroughs and solidifies their position and direction in the industry.  

Anson Martin, Burroughs CEO, said, “We are excited to launch the new Burroughs brand. It reflects the transformational growth mindset that we have embarked on as a company. We have experienced a lot of positive momentum over the past year, from the expansion of our solutions portfolio to strengthened customer relationships to a renewed commitment throughout Burroughs to create and deliver right-sized solutions that complement our customer's core capabilities and are the best answer for the needs of their business."

The new Burroughs logo is an evolution of previous logos, with a look and feel that embodies transformation, modernity, and continuous improvement. The new contemporary font and color palette reflects Burroughs commitment to being an innovative, forward-looking, and consultative end-to-end partner in an age of constantly evolving technology and consumer preferences.

“Burroughs has a rich 134-year history rooted in innovation and helping our customers advance through industry and technology cycles. The new brand identity is not only current and modern but it reflects the characteristics of our core values (character, customer-centric, accountability, teamwork and innovation) and solidifies our position in delivering industry-leading customer experiences and bringing game-changing offerings to new and existing markets." added Martin.

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