Whether your business needs smart safes, cash recyclers, ATMs, self-service kiosks, self-checkouts, or any other type of four-wall technology, service and integration providers can offer comprehensive service— from installation to 24/7 monitoring to system updates to repairs —like many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can’t.

While some OEM providers can deliver specialized hardware that is sometimes paired with service and support, many eventually draw down their covered services while others come and go. When that happens, independent providers will be there to provide the continuous management and expert service for your complete ecosystem, from end to end—no matter the make, model, or age of your equipment. 

So what else sets service and integration providers apart when it comes to safeguarding your transaction technology?

OEM-Agnostic Coverage

Over the years, your payment and transaction technology ecosystem has grown to include a wide array of makes, models, versions, and manufacturers. When one piece needs support, you dial one number. Another unit needs a security patch? That’s likely another service ticket with another OEM. Time to upgrade? That could be a third company to contact.

Instead, rely on Burroughs, a team that has direct experience managing over 150,000 different types of equipment from the inside out. A service and integration partner brings peace of mind, a singular customer management experience, and one team to call regardless of the make or model, issue, or need. A provider like Burroughs can stand behind each upgrade, repair, and component that makes up your payment and transaction technology ecosystem, no matter the OEM.

Comprehensive Service

From small businesses to retailers to national bank branches with complicated operational footprints, service and integration providers like Burroughs have seen it all. Burroughs’ dedicated project and account management teams are experienced, and forward-deployed service technicians have first-hand experience with many different types of hardware, software, and middleware—all developed from over 130 years in the business.

An OEM may limit their scope of service, service locations, or have your business wait through a long lead time for support. With a partner like Burroughs, you have one number to dial, one service portal, and one provider with a nationwide service area with access to the parts and software needed to minimize your downtime and to ensure customers have the best experience each & every time. 

With just one call, a dedicated account and project management team handles everything, including scheduling, managing the installation process, monitoring, preventative and proactive maintenance with an intimate knowledge of your solution ecosystem and business needs.

Advanced Analytics

Finally, having a partner like Burroughs with a holistic perspective on your fleet comes with an advanced data analytics and back-end monitoring system. This remote management system, which utilizes the built-in technology within many equipment types, enables our team to proactively identify potential problems and deliver a range of services remotely, including triage and software patch management. 

On the hardware side, this same system—paired with Burroughs’ deep experience—allows us to anticipate parts replacement needs and ensure field part availability at one of our more than 100 forward-stocking locations. No matter your geographic footprint or the part you need, Burroughs has over 500 fleet vans restocked with common supplies to quickly and efficiently service your equipment, helping to maintain high system availability. 

Take the Next Step

Burroughs has been in the business for more than 130 years, providing full lifecycle support, complete coverage, and peace of mind for your entire payment and transaction technology ecosystem. Our team has the expertise and consultative mindset to help guide your business to make the best decision to deliver the secure and innovative solutions your customers and employees want and need.

To learn more about how Burroughs can provide a comprehensive, flexible, and responsive level of service and support for your company, contact our team now.