In a time when customer expectations are growing, budget scrutiny is increasing, and labor markets are tightening, businesses rely on cash automation, self-service, IoT, and other technology investments to deliver for their customers and employees.

However, maintaining a diverse and broad technology ecosystem isn’t easy. It requires equipment repair and service technician footprint. Plus, there are planning and logistics factors to ensure the right parts are available and that repairs and refurbishment keep equipment running at its full potential.

That’s why more businesses are turning toward end-to-end services partners with full lifecycle management solutions and established depot repair facilities to support their equipment fleet.

If you want to know what a similar partnership can mean for your business, then read on:

What are depot repair facilities?

Although many maintenance services can be done on-site at a customer's location, there are some situations where more in-depth troubleshooting or specialized root cause analysis is needed to resolve the issue.

In the past, this meant businesses had to remove the device or equipment from its location, ship it to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or third-party service provider, wait for the equipment to be repaired, and then redeploy the equipment in the field. In some cases, it also meant waiting around for parts or access to specialized repair technicians.

Fortunately, businesses now have a more efficient option if they partner with a provider with depot repair facilities. For example, Burroughs has two depot repair facilities in North America, each with a team of skilled electrical, design, and quality specialists who have direct access to an inventory of parts. This resource allows for quick and efficient servicing of your equipment, to promote uptime, system availability, and customer satisfaction.

How can depot repair centers support your fleet?

Although maintaining high uptime for your cash automation, self-service, and other IoT solutions is a powerful reason to partner with a network of depot repair centers, there are several other benefits to your brand and bottom line. 

Here are just a few of those benefits:

1) Extend the lifespan of your technology investment.

With access to replacement parts and knowledge across multi-vendor, multi-device, multi-age customer equipment fleets, you can trust your repairs will be done to the highest quality standards, reducing potential downtime in the future and extending the lifespan of your investment.

2) Offer nation-and fleet-wide support with one call.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have a fleet of cash automation, self-service, and related technology composed of equipment from a wide range of OEMs. Add in business locations with geographic spread, maintenance, and repair costs can quickly become costly.

Alternatively, partnering with a service provider that has its own depot repair services—like Burroughs—means you will not have to rely solely on your own in-house technicians or a patchwork of different vendors with a widely variable cost structure to keep your fleet running.

Burroughs has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep more than 250,000 devices operating at their full potential, as well as depot repair specialists who are well-versed in a wide spectrum of electromechanical equipment and compliance requirements.

Burroughs can also conduct root-cause analyses and testing to determine if repair, refurbishment, or replacement is needed, regardless of the OEM, and can modify parts with more robust features to eliminate design vulnerabilities and repeat systemic failures; improving uptime and equipment availability.

3) Provide predictable and consistent costs.

Established service partners have the experience, scale, vendor relationships, and parts planning and logistics networks to not only keep costs predictable but also ensure access to the right parts at the right time.

For example, Burroughs:

  • Maintains two depot repair centers, totaling over 35,000 square feet
  • Completes over 400 device repairs each week
  • Has access to more than 450,000 certified parts

Take the next step toward protecting your investment.

In a time when labor, logistics, and customer demand is hard to predict, establishing a depot repair and services partnership with an experienced provider is crucial. Your business will take a massive step toward protecting and extending the lifespan of your fleet.

Burroughs is ready to manage and support the full lifecycle of your cash automation, self-service, IoT, and other technology investments—no matter the make, model, or location of your equipment. 

In turn, your business will be positioned to drive customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and increase productivity with a fleet you can trust will always be there. Want to learn more about what Burroughs can do for your business? Then take a moment to subscribe to the Burroughs blog.

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