Cash automation devices are the ultimate in “set it and forget it” technology … until an issue arises that test their limitations. For example, the new Windows 10 upgrade has presented an immediate and urgent dilemma for businesses: Should you invest in a new device to ensure compliance, or keep costs down by finding a solution that allows you to replace your existing ones?

There’s no one right answer when a major issue arises; in each case, it’s a balancing act of cost, functionality, customer experience, fleet size and long-term strategy. If you’re on the fence between upgrading or replacing, here are a few things to consider:

What’s Driving Your Decision?

All kinds of factors can expose a device’s shortcomings or limitations. If your device can no longer support software updates required for security, performance or PCI compliance, your organization could be at risk.

Other variables like level of use, environment, and physical location can also accelerate the device’s life cycle. For example, an ATM in an outdoor, high-traffic area will deteriorate faster than one tucked safely inside a bank. Or, a desire to support new capabilities such as cardless transactions may require a review of your devices.

When to Upgrade

Not every issue warrants the purchase of a new machine. In some cases, adding or upgrading a specific part can provide the extended functionality or security you need. For example, adding anti-skimming kits to existing ATMs can bring security standards up – while keeping costs down.

In the case of the Windows 10 upgrade, Burroughs’ Hypervisor solution by KAL replaces Windows with a Linux based operating system, enabling it to virtualize Windows 10. With this PCI compliant solution, users can upgrade software without changing hardware. Also, in some cases, it may be loaded remotely, to minimize device downtime.

If you decide to replace, keep in mind that the quality and availability of replacement parts is crucial to your success. OEMs are not your only supplier option; choose a qualified service partner who has ready access to parts, who can anticipate future needs, and who can make sure the right parts are available at the right time.

When to Replace

Upgrading can help control costs. But the savings aren’t worth it when older technology puts your business and brand at risk. If your existing hardware can’t support the latest security updates or regulatory requirements, it may be time to replace with a newer device.

Similarly, when service costs start snowballing, a one-time investment could make more sense than paying for increasingly frequent patches and repairs.

There are additional reasons to opt for an upgrade: If OEMs stop supporting an aging device, you have little choice. Plus, new technologies can present new and exciting ways to service, delight and retain customers — and sharpen your competitive edge; however, new isn’t always the best option for everyone, especially if cost is a concern. If updated functionality is what you need but your budget doesn’t allow for the purchase of new equipment, you may want to consider a refurbished device at a fraction of the cost.

Tie It All Together With the Right Partner

The right service partner can do more than help you explore the question of replacing vs upgrading. They can craft a plan that extends your fleet’s lifespan, minimizes unnecessary modifications, and delivers the capabilities needed to support your current and longer-term strategies.

Furthermore, an OEM-agnostic partner can help objectively identify the solutions that best meet your needs, and even support a mixed fleet if needed. And when new devices are needed, they can help train your team to ensure a seamless experience with minimal disruption.

Why Burroughs?

As an OEM-agnostic provider, Burroughs takes a consultative approach that focuses on aligning your technology with your strategic goals. We can manage all of your new and existing cash management devices, including your own hardware, on a single platform. And, as the largest independent service organization for full lifecycle management of payment and transaction technology in North America, we offer exceptional capabilities when it comes to providing service, support, parts and training.

From replacing, to upgrades, to ongoing support, you can count on Burroughs for solid advice and guidance. To learn more, contact us today.