When your retail business, organization, or financial institution first started, it was easy to handle the deployment and installation of equipment, logistics of parts, and maintenance needed to keep operations humming. But as your business has grown, the moving pieces and complexity associated with the acceleration of technology, consumer demands for more self-service experiences, labor shortages, and other economic drivers may have made it more difficult to manage.

Although growth and expansion are a net positive for your brand, they can also introduce new stressors and pain points that make running your business complicated and costly.

One particular area of difficulty is the deployment of the equipment, parts logistics support, and project management needed to meet customer expectations. From upgrading or replacing aging equipment to deploying new cash automation and IoT technologies, facilitating these moves can take more time than planned, especially when numerous sites are involved.

To simplify and streamline each step of this complex process, you need an experienced end-to-end deployment and services partner. Here’s what you can expect when your business begins a partnership with an industry leader in equipment deployment and services provider.

What is an equipment deployment and services provider?

Imagine having peace of mind knowing that each of your sites is equipped with the cash automation, self-service, and IoT technology it needs to operate smoothly. Now, add on program and project management support to guide you through key hardware and software decisions followed by complete parts logistics support.

That’s what an equipment deployment and services provider can provide.

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A trusted provider like Burroughs takes care of all the planning, coordination, logistics management, deployment, installation, and lifecycle management of your cash automation technology, self-service, and related IoT solutions. 

In addition to taking complex (and often unpredictable) processes out of your hands, industry-leading equipment deployment and services partners will also provide a breadth of experience and economies of scale.

For example, if your business expands to a new location or you want to modernize your existing fleet or operations an experienced provider can manage the full lifecycle of all the cash automation, self-service, and other IoT technologies needed to outfit your business and ensure you have end-to-end service and support that meets your needs and your customer’s expectations.

What can an equipment deployment and services provider do for your business?

From maximizing equipment uptime to reducing failed customer interactions, equipment deployment and services partners introduce numerous benefits to your business.

One of the most impactful is that industry-leading partners can create a holistic lifecycle management solution that takes care of the complexities of managing a multi-vendor, multi-equipment fleet, parts logistics, maintenance, and repair.

The result? Time and cost savings that translate into increased revenue for your business and more resources that can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

How can you get started with an equipment deployment and services provider?

When trying to find the right partner, few can match the industry experience and full lifecycle management know-how that Burroughs represents.

With strong OEM and supplier relationships and a team of knowledgeable experts, Burroughs is ready to use its more than 135 years of experience to help you create the best lifecycle management solution for your business.

By tapping into Burroughs’ industry experience, you will immediately benefit from:

  • A team of expert program and project managers and logistics specialists that will proactively anticipate your needs and coordinate parts logistics.
  • A network of 100+ forward stocking locations and distribution centers ready to meet your operational needs.
  • A team of 500+ directly employed service technicians ready to get you back up and running quickly.

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An industry leader like Burroughs can streamline and consolidate the equipment deployment and services process for your cash automation, self-service, and related IoT technologies, providing a turnkey solution that frees up your team—and your budget—to focus on more strategic, customer-facing activities. This partnership will give you the peace of mind of knowing your organization has the support it needs, backed by more than a century in the business

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