In a time of rapidly changing customer expectations, dramatic technological advancements, and the need for around-the-clock availability, it is more important than ever to have nimble and streamlined program and project management services woven into your business.

However, at the same time, establishing and maintaining these services—and the experts that manage them—in house can be difficult and expensive, especially when there are other internal initiatives that could use the same precious time and resources.

It is for these reasons that many organizations that want the latest advancements in payment and transaction system technology—without the complexities of handling implementation in house—are turning to professionals like Burroughs to bring their visions of the future to life.

So what could Burroughs’ program and project management services deliver for you and your customers? 

The Burroughs Program and Project Management Services Lifecycle

Burroughs has a six stage program and project management services lifecycle, refined by more than 130 years in the payment and transaction device business.

Equipped with our interconnected services, our team will ensure that your business benefits from our experience in end-to-end service and integration, and that you and your customers have access to the latest software and hardware on the market.

The Discovery Phase

This phase sets the stage for the rest. This is when Burroughs takes the time to understand the strategic goals and growth initiatives of your business, identify your current payment and transaction technology ecosystem, and capture specific site and project requirements.

From meeting unique requirements, such as ADA and accessibility needs, to ensuring the necessary security and self-service features, Burroughs knows what questions to ask and where to look.

The Design Phase

Using the outputs of the Discovery Phase, Burroughs’ program and project management services team works closely with your team to plan and design the specifics of your project—including the latest in industry best practices and technology—and integrate your existing fleet into a new or enhanced ecosystem. 

This is also where new reporting, auditing, compliance, self-service, managed services, and other productivity and service needs can be identified and scoped.

The Implementation Phase

At this phase, Burroughs can bring together our expert project managers, network of service technicians, and end-to-end remote monitoring and managed services support team to make the solution design come alive.

From supporting site surveys, to conducting installation and rigging, to assisting with system integrations, upgrades, and go-lives, the Burroughs team has experience with the full range of hardware and software you need. We can even train your staff on the new equipment and systems.

The Optimization Phase

When you choose to work with Burroughs, you are selecting a partner that will be there for your business, no matter the size or scope.

This provides the peace of mind of knowing that your team will have access to our 24/7 remote monitoring and technical support team, support services that are backed by forward-deployed teams, and parts distribution centers to minimize downtime.

The Burroughs team can also provide our continuous improvement methodologies to help speed up resolutions, maximize security and compliance, and keep your overall operations innovative.

The Manage and Maintain Phase

No matter the equipment brand or software that makes up your payment and transaction technology ecosystem, Burroughs can provide comprehensive four-wall technology and full-lifecycle services. 

Our proactive program and project management services teams provide solutions designed to get the most out of your technology investment, so that your teams can get back to what matters most—your customers.

The Next Generation Phase

As new technology and devices come available or new customer needs arise, Burroughs can help your team take advantage of the latest technology to sustain a more secure, sophisticated payment and transaction tech ecosystem.

New technology doesn’t always have to mean purchasing new machines. We can also extend the lifespan of your equipment by repairing, refurbishing, and redeploying your fleet using our in-house repair and refurbishment centers.

Let Burroughs Bring Your Vision to Life

Whether your goal is to improve your operational efficiency, integrate the latest in payment technology to meet customer needs, increase revenue and security, or all of the above, Burroughs’ program and project management services teams know how to deliver for you.

We take a holistic approach that puts your needs and priorities first, allowing us to find the solutions and services that best fit your business needs, no matter the vendor or original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

So if your organization is looking for a partner to help navigate a rapidly-evolving marketplace, Burroughs is here and ready to help with our full suite of services. 

Contact us here to learn more.

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