Currency counters are a staple of businesses such as banks, casinos, and other retail locations. And now, technological advancements are providing businesses with new options when finding the right type of currency counter for their operations.

From high-performance, automated systems with high cash capacity to compact systems that check currency faster than can be imagined by hand, currency counters play a key role in running the back office of your business.

So what can a modern currency counter bring to your operations? This article will cover some of the key benefits and show you how to maximize your investment in your transaction technology ecosystem.

What Modern Currency Counters Deliver for Your Branch

Whether you’re considering replacing your current fleet of currency counters with more modern solutions or this is the first time your business is investing in this technology, here are some of the universal benefits:

Highly Accurate Currency Evaluation

With modern currency counters, identifying counterfeit currency or damaged money that may not be accepted for deposit becomes faster and more accurate. 

Modern cash counters can also count and organize different currencies, which is particularly important for businesses with international customers. 

Efficient Cash Counting and Organization

Streamline register reconciliation at the end of shifts and the end of the business day by eliminating manual cash counting, organization, and currency preparation for bank deposits. 

Not only does this functionality help reduce cash handling errors, but it also gives your team members more time to focus on running other aspects of your business, including customer service.

Increase Cash Security

Get peace of mind knowing that cash at your business locations is authenticated and tracked giving you real-time visibility into your operations.

Like other leading cash management devices, modern cash counters also come enabled with more advanced user authentication features to prevent unauthorized access to cash and audit previous cash handling events.

Flexible Deployment

No matter the size or scope of your business, there are currency counter devices that will suit your operations. 

For example, businesses can choose high-performance, high-capacity models for their back-office use or more compact models that can be safely deployed on counters to validate and count cash when needed.

Integration with Modern Payment and Transaction Technology Ecosystems

If your business already has a cash automation / cash management ecosystem, new currency counters can be easily integrated with your larger enterprise systems.

Doing so will provide you with:

  • A more holistic view of your fleet. 
  • Enhanced visibility of the cash on hand across your operations.
  • Save time and resources on routine back-office tasks.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Currency Counter Technology

Adding a currency counter to your existing ecosystem of ATMs, cash recyclers, or smart safes will give your business the additional tools it needs to grow and scale its cash management. It will also give your staff the time to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

And by implementing this new currency counter technology with a trusted partner like Burroughs, you will have the backing of an industry leader that has decades-long strategic partnerships with industry-leading currency counter manufacturers. 

Once in place, your team can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Burroughs’ best-in-class, nationwide service. In particular, Burroughs offers complete turnkey support that covers the full lifecycle of your cash management devices, including:

  • Hardware sourcing, implementation, and integration into your existing network.
  • Proactively remote managed device monitoring and triage.
  • Expert field services and maintenance with just one phone call, no matter the make or model. 
  • Access to nationwide parts and logistics centers to accelerate device repair, refurbishment, and redeployment.

Take Your Cash Management to the Next Level

The decision to implement or upgrade your business’ currency counters may seem small, but it can have a ripple effect across your back-office operations. From boosting security by employing increased currency authentication to allowing for network-wide visibility and next-level device support, Burroughs will give your team the tools and insights they need to deliver the level of service your customers deserve.

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