As technology continues to play a central role in business operations, companies are becoming increasingly dependent on an array of devices, which can be as geographically dispersed as they are technically diverse.

In such a complex operating environment, efficient device management is essential for businesses to meet customer expectations for reliable, secure service. And as businesses grow, their device management needs often become even more complex. As a result, a comprehensive device management strategy becomes a foundational element of business success.

Because of these complexities and the in-house expertise these device management programs require, more businesses are turning to full lifecycle management providers that offer end-to-end solutions for device management.

So what is full lifecycle management, and what are three of the most important benefits of working with an industry-leading partner?

Let’s dive in!

Full Lifecycle Management Providers: What You Need to Know

Full lifecycle management providers offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of device operations. This includes installation, maintenance, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, repairs, and the program management needed to organize it all.

With end-to-end support for a range of devices—from initial installation to end-of-life decommissioning—businesses can not only enjoy seamless device operations and reduce the risk of downtime but also focus more of their internal resources on strategic initiatives.

Full lifecycle management providers offer scalable solutions based on business requirements, customer preferences, or new technology options. This means businesses can easily adjust their device management services based on evolving needs, ensuring they always have the right level of support for their devices.

The 3 Key Benefits of Partnering with a Full Lifecycle Management Provider

Partnering with a full lifecycle management provider offers both bottom-line benefits and customer experience improvements. Some of the most prominent include:

Comprehensive Device Management

Regardless of the make, model, or location of a business's devices, tiered support is critical to ensure reliable device management. With tiered support, businesses can benefit from real-time, built-in remote monitoring and management (RMS/RMM) technology to quickly identify and resolve device issues, often without needing an on-site technician.

This technology allows for fast response times. Combined with forward-deployed logistics depots, these response times ensure that any required parts or replacements can be quickly provided to get devices back up and running. In addition, a full lifecycle management provider’s tiered-support model guarantees that devices are proactively managed for performance or security issues.


Partnering with a full lifecycle management provider can be more cost-effective than managing device management services in-house or juggling multiple providers based on make or location.

By consolidating device management services with one vendor, businesses can benefit from:

  • Cost savings associated with economies of scale and reduced complexity.
  • Access to customizable solutions that meet specific business needs, ensuring they only pay for the services they need.
  • The ability to refocus internal resources to focus on driving business growth.


Finally, a trusted provider can adjust and introduce new equipment to meet evolving customer preferences or organizational growth without scaling up internal support and implementation teams.

A great provider can manage the entire lifecycle of the equipment—including the ups and downs of a business cycle—ensuring businesses only pay for the devices and services they need.

Experience the Benefits of a Lifecycle Management Partnership

As technology weaves its way into every facet of business operations and shapes each element of customer experience, efficient device management has become more critical than ever.

This is where experienced lifecycle management providers come in, offering tailored, end-to-end solutions that cover everything from acquisition to disposal. By partnering with a partner like Burroughs, businesses of all industries and scales can benefit from the savings and agility that come with comprehensive device management and built-in scalability.

If you want to streamline your device management services and partner with a full lifecycle management provider, your next move should be reaching out to the team at Burroughs.

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