29 Reasons YOU Should Make the Leap to Burroughs!

Looking to make a Leap in 2020? Check out 29 ways that Burroughs can help you take the complexity & hassle out of managing your cash automation technology.

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The Windows 10 ATM Software Update Deadline Is Almost Here

Financial institutions and ATM deployers are no strangers to large-scale operating system migrations. Within the past decade, organizations have had to migrate from OS/2 to Windows CE/XP, and then on to Windows 7. Now, in a few months’ time, on Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide regular technical support, security upgrades, or patches for devices running Windows 7 if they are not on extended support. Needless to say, this ATM software update can leave your fleet vulnerable to cyberattacks, as well as fees associated with PCI noncompliance.

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