Following a tumultuous couple of years, businesses are still working hard to adjust to their new realities amid mass disruptions.

The market disruption that has perhaps been the most impactful in every industry is the drastic rise in labor shortages. 

From financial services to grocery stores, staffing challenges are prevalent across the country. In fact, the number of retail job openings alone reached 1.2 million in July 2021. By September 2021 there were 10 million job openings across industries. Projections point toward an even bigger crunch as consumer demand continues to increase.

Although there aren’t many choices businesses can make to counter these negative effects, there are still a few things in their control. Perhaps one of the most impactful things a business can do in the face of these shortages is to utilize cash automation technologies within their business operations. 

So what are cash automation technologies, and how can they help your business provide the experience your customers deserve?

Cash automation technologies are ready to fit your needs

With the rise in digital technologies at home and in the workplace, more customers are comfortable handling basic transactions on their own, including via mobile and self-service devices.

Adding tools such as self-service kiosks, self check-out machines, and ATMs to your fleet takes advantage of these trends. In addition to letting customers handle simple transactions on their own, this also allows your staff to spend less time on routine tasks and more time on customers with more complex needs.

Other cash automation technologies—such as smart safes and cash recyclers—can also be a win-win, providing increased security and auditability for your back-office tasks and reducing cash-handling tasks that can make up a large percentage of your front-of-store costs.

Cash automation technologies can enhance your ecosystem

In addition to enhancing the customer experience and reducing the impact of labor shortages, utilizing modern cash automation technologies also gives your business the ability to tap into the comprehensive support that a services provider like Burroughs can provide. 

More Focus on the Business

Every hour your staff spends on equipment maintenance and troubleshooting is one hour away from your customers.

Instead of assigning these tasks to your team, lean on the experience and tools a trusted services provider can deliver to every part of your cash automation ecosystem. These partners can provide experienced service technicians who can resolve equipment issues, evaluate potential hardware upgrades, and implement security patches and software updates while your staff focuses on the business. 

Proactive Remote Monitoring and Managed Services

In addition to on-site services and support, an industry-leading provider can utilize remote diagnostic capabilities which allows for issues to be resolved fast and vulnerabilities to be reduced. Features like these enable us to identify problems before they cause equipment downtime and impact your customers, brand reputation, or bottom line.

Future-proof your business with Burroughs

The past couple of years have changed how we conduct business and caused challenges still impacting our operations today.

However, with the right partner and a different perspective, your business can use this as an opportunity to implement improvements to how you support your customers, manage your equipment fleet, and use technology to drive your business forward. 

So if your business is ready to stay ahead of customer expectations no matter the circumstances, the team at Burroughs would love the chance to speak with you about the right services and solutions for your business.

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