When you first hear the term “security robot,” you might picture sci-fi movies like RoboCop, in which a humanoid robot in a shiny metal suit patrols the streets, dispensing justice and fighting crime.

However, the reality of modern security robots is far from this Hollywood fantasy.

Although they may not be as flashy as their movie counterparts, real security robots are proving to be a highly effective tool in enhancing the safety and security of environments across the country. These machines—equipped with advanced technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence—can autonomously patrol and monitor areas, detect and respond to security threats, and provide real-time surveillance footage to security personnel. 

In this article, we'll explore how security robots are not just a gimmick, trend, or sci-fi fantasy, but a practical and effective solution to improve security and safety.

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5 Ways Security Robots are Revolutionizing Safety Measures

With any new technology, there is a natural learning curve regardless of the industry you’re in. Here are some safety measures security robots offer to take your business safety precautions to the next level.


1. Comes Packed with Advanced Technology

Security robots are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and features, including AI, machine learning, and computer vision. These sophisticated tools empower the robots to swiftly and accurately detect, respond to, and communicate security threats. Through AI algorithms, security robots can analyze complex data patterns from their input sources and cameras, process and identify anomalies, and make informed decisions about appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their area of responsibility.

2. Has Broad Use Cases

Security robots can be used in a wide range of applications and settings. From securing industrial sites, office buildings, hospitals, and shopping centers to airports, train stations, and public spaces, security robots are adaptable, making them great options for providing enhanced security around the clock. They can also be used for one-time events—such as concerts, sporting events, and festivals—to supplement human security teams.

Some security robots can also be manually controlled by security personnel to investigate situations or integrate with other security systems for more comprehensive coverage.

3. Can Operate in Challenging Environments

Another remarkable feature of security robots is their ability to operate in challenging environments where human security personnel may face risks or limitations. 

Whether dealing with extreme weather conditions, hazardous industrial sites, or remote areas with few resources, security robots can navigate and perform their duties effectively for long periods without rest. Their resilience and durability make them reliable and vigilant assets to supplement other security personnel.

4. Has Lease or Buy Options

Adding security robots to an organization’s security systems has also become more accessible and affordable with the availability of leasing programs. With a machine-as-a-service arrangement, a provider can offer security robots on a subscription or usage-based pricing model.

In this leasing arrangement, the partner provider retains ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the security robots and the necessary software updates, while customers can use the robots as needed. This flexible approach allows businesses to scale their security measures according to their requirements and budget.

5. Comes Equipped with Appropriate Security Tools

In addition to their detection and patrolling capabilities, security robots can be equipped with additional security tools. For example, non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray can be integrated into their systems, enabling them to deter intruders or effectively control crowds in sensitive situations before traditional security teams can take over.


Embrace the Future with Burroughs

When it comes to security robots, it's time to leave behind Hollywood fantasies and embrace the reality of these advanced machines. 

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies like AI and computer vision, security robots are revolutionizing safety in various environments, accurately and swiftly detecting and responding to security threats and providing real-time surveillance footage. Whether they are securing industrial sites, office buildings, or public spaces, security robots offer a versatile solution that organizations can use to boost security during special events or supplement traditional security teams. 

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  • OEM-agnostic, full-lifecycle support, repair, and maintenance across a wide range of devices.
  • Nationwide cadre of expert service technicians.  
  • 24/7 remote tier 2 & 3 technical support.
  • Depot repair facilities and 120 forward parts locations to reduce long wait times for critical parts.
  • A digital-first, remote-first approach to find customers the best service and support solutions for their growing business. 

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