What Is Branch Transformation (Regarding ATMs)?

Ever since the number of branches in the United States reached its peak in 2009 at about 93,000, estimates have pointed toward banks shutting their doors on more than 100 branches a month. While such a trend could be viewed as alarming for financial institutions and their traditional form of business, the move has actually been highlighted by a rise in the role that ATMs are playing in meeting customer needs and in driving branch transformation.

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Digital Banking Trends That Everyone Is Talking About

The concept of digital transformation seems pretty nebulous in a world of dollars and cents, but its effects on banking operations are very real. The primary goal of digital transformation is to enable customers to feel comfortable using technology and digital tools to interact with their banks and manage their accounts, including the use of mobile tools and self-service ATMs. In fact, according to a 2017 Fujitsu global survey, 89 percent of business leaders have major digital transformation projects underway.

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