Elmhurst, IL - Burroughs, Inc., North America’s largest independent service provider for unattended self-service technology, robotic automation systems, payment and transaction technology, and other connected IoT technology, has entered into a service partnership with Avidbots, one of the world’s leading robotics companies to provide unmatched onsite service. The new integration grants Avidbots’ customers seamless access to Burroughs’ full lifecycle solutions, including onsite maintenance repairs to maximize device uptime and availability in addition to benefiting from Burroughs’ Digital Platform to ensure the delivery of fast and predictive data-driven outcomes and sustained device performance.

We are very excited to be partnering with Avidbots. We share a common set of values and culture rooted in innovation, excellence and customer-centricity,” said Anson Martin, Burroughs CEO. “Our vast technology expertise, comprehensive service coverage, and breadth of offerings will enable Avidbots to scale rapidly leveraging Burroughs’ unparalleled service infrastructure wrapped around an enterprise footprint that aligns with the device deployments of today and well into the future.”

“Avidbots and Burroughs are a great match given each company’s focus on innovation and a customer-first mindset,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO and co-founder at Avidbots. “As Avidbots grows, we are excited to partner with Burroughs who brings a long-standing and well-respected reputation. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers an unparalleled service experience, now with the help of Burroughs and their strong network of 650 service technicians.”

Burroughs will support field service for all robots powered by the Avidbots platform in the U.S. The partnership will roll out in a phased approach, with onsite service and preventive maintenance available to all U.S. regions and Canadian provinces over the course of the next year with potential for international growth. Customers can expect onsite support within 48 hours from one of Burroughs’ more than 650 U.S. and Canadian technicians trained by Avidbots as the program becomes available in their area.

With over 136 years of service excellence and extensive North American coverage supporting broad applications across multiple endpoints, Burroughs drives unparalleled service, uptime, and availability across entire equipment and technology fleets no matter the device type or location.

Contact the Burroughs team to learn more or visit Avidbots at www.avidbots.com.