Washington, D.C. - Maya Labs, a social initiative technology company that provides self-serve financial services infrastructure for under-served communities in the U.S and abroad, announced a strategic services partnership today with Burroughs, North America’s largest independent services provider for full lifecycle management of cash automation, self-service, IoT, and other field-deployed technology.

The partnership enables deployment of innovative consumer financial services via Maya’s Self-Service “Smart ATM” using a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) subscription model. The solution features Maya’s Smart ATM with industry-leading apps including remittance, check-cashing, ATM, Bill-Pay, cellular reload, and more for cash-paying consumers with a predictable monthly rate. The DaaS model eliminates up-front and maintenance-related capital expenses, enabling immediate positive return on investment with 24/7 access, simple and easy UI, $0 labor expense, secure 100% accurate cash handling combined with increased foot traffic. Everything is included - making a self-service in-person turnkey bill-payment technology best-in-class customer experience - attainable virtually anywhere.

Maya Labs provides branded and private label money service business solutions via a Self-Service Smart ATM. The Maya Smart ATM delivers financial service app’s from best-in-class financial service providers serving cash preferred communities. Maya allows customers to facilitate a variety of transaction types including cash-based money transfers, bill payments, check cashing, reloading cell phones, and buying Bitcoin. Essentially, the Maya platform is an industrial-grade smartphone that accepts and dispenses cash, enabling an infinite number of possibilities for customers, partners, developers, and the communities they serve.

“Burroughs has a 135-year history of helping their customers advance their cash management operations through innovation and service excellence,” said Chief Business Officer Peter Kelly, Maya Labs. “This partnership allows us to bring an alternative self-service solution to market while partnering with a trusted services leader like Burroughs.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Maya Labs in their work to enhance financial services to under-served communities and address the growing consumer preference for a self-service experience. Their disruptive, scalable, and innovative solution combined with Burroughs’ technology expertise and comprehensive service coverage will enable fast deployment, market-leading device up-time, delivered through an existing, proven, digital-first services model that will ensure an optimized customer experience”, said Anson Martin, Burroughs CEO.

About Burroughs

Burroughs is the largest independent services provider in North America for the full lifecycle management of cash automation, self-service, IoT, and other technology investments. Burroughs has a 135-year history of helping customers advance their operations through a digital-first approach supported by innovation, collaboration, agility, service excellence, and investment in our people. For more information, visit www.burroughs.com.

About Maya Labs

Maya is a social initiative technology company that provides branded and private label financial services infrastructure for under-served communities in the U.S and abroad. Maya provides fast, convenient, and low-cost financial services via a Platform as a Service model with a self-service kiosk that allows people to cash checks, pay virtually any bill via CheckFreePay in the US (e.g., utility), transfer money to 200,000 international pick-up locations via Sigue, buy Bitcoin via Digital Mint and purchase mobile airtime. The company supports all compliance and regulatory aspects of the service, offering retailers a complete turnkey solution to reduce operating costs and increase foot traffic. Visit www.maya.tech for more information.