As customer demands for responsive, reliable, and secure services continue to rise, businesses must rethink even the most basic functions that define their operations.

One of the most prominent is how businesses approach the maintenance and repair of their devices and provide rapid product delivery. Without the ability to handle these two functions efficiently and effectively, businesses risk losing customers to providers that can.

In response, many businesses are turning to Logistics as a Service (LaaS) to achieve supply chain optimization and provide cost-effective, flexible, and high-quality logistics services in place of their in-house processes.

Here’s what your business needs to know about LaaS and how your team can find the right partner to meet your operational and customer needs.

Logistics as a Service (LaaS): What You Need to Know

LaaS is an operations model in which a provider manages most or even all of an organization's logistics operations, including inventory storage, transportation, and last-mile delivery.

Like other “as-a-service” models, LaaS leads to improved parts availability, storage, and delivery capacity and the flexibility businesses need to account for unpredictable shifts in demand. Together, these benefits can promote increased revenue and reduced costs for customers.

LaaS providers also offer access to the latest shipping and inventory management technology, best practices, and industry knowledge that can be difficult to hire and retain in house.

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How LaaS Delivers Supply Chain Optimization

It’s no secret that supply chain operations have been impacted over the last few years. Now more than ever, it’s essential to put optimization at the forefront, so that you can best support your customers.

1. Fast, Reliable Delivery Service

LaaS can help businesses to meet same-day and next-day service requests through existing parts distribution networks and in-market stocking. In both cases, businesses can leverage existing logistics footprints to place inventory in high-demand customer locations.

In turn, businesses can shorten the time to resolution or delivery, increase the overall transaction potential, and build customer loyalty.

2. Scalable Support

LaaS can help companies scale their logistics operations based on their needs and respond to changes in the market or demand. Businesses will know what price they will pay for which level of service and can adjust it based on their needs.

This scalable capacity can be especially helpful for businesses with regional or seasonal demand variability because they won't have to invest capital resources into logistics infrastructure—such as warehouses, trucks, and maintenance—or keep ongoing operating expenses for drivers on their books as a variable cost.

3. Increased Time and Resources

Utilizing LaaS allows companies to focus more time and resources on their core business activities and delivering for customers.

Not only can this free up more internal resources for research, innovation, and other initiatives that can help a business stay competitive, but it can also provide the peace of mind that each element of logistics operations is being managed by experts.

How to Find the Right LaaS Partner for Your Business

If your business is looking for a more efficient way to handle logistics processes with the help of a LaaS partner, look no further than Burroughs. With more than 136 years of experience across the country, Burroughs offers forward and reverse logistics support, over 100 forward-stocking locations, and more than 600 fleet vehicles supported by three distribution centers across the United States and Canada.

But what sets Burroughs apart is its full lifecycle support capabilities for your customers and fleet of devices, including maintenance, depot repair, remote monitoring and triage, and 24x7 technical support. This is all managed by Burroughs’ powerful back-end monitoring systems that allow our team to anticipate parts replacement needs, ensure field part availability, reduce lead times, and provide the responsive, reliable service your business demands.

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