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  • TransacTec

    Channel Partner Program

    Offer your customers the latest technology without the barrier to adoption

    Through Burroughs' TransacTec™ Device as a Service program you are enabled to access the latest in transaction technology, best in class service and support, next-gen managed services and so much more! Learn more about becoming a channel partner by downloading this free infographic. 

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  • TransacTec, Device as a Service

    TransacTec™ Device as a Service White Paper


    Achieve the sophistication you require without the complexity & hassle of  managing your technology

    • Less upfront expense & predictable on-going costs
    • Accessible, sophisticated payment & transaction devices for businesses of all sizes
    • Easy, worry-free service & updates
    • And more!

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  • Remote Managed Services

    Remote Managed Services

    Upgrade Your Operations & Offload the Headaches of Managing Them

    • Flexible Offerings & 24/7 Monitoring 
    • Reduce Vulnerability 
    • Maximize Uptime
    • Improve Overall Operations 

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  • DaaS

    The Future of Transaction Technology

    Small to Large and Everything In Between

    AVOID THE CAPITAL EXPENSE OF PURCHASING EQUIPMENT and instead get a full turnkey solution for an affordable single monthly lease. 

    • Hardware and services bundled — without the extra fluff
    • Consultative approach to address your unique needs
    • Managed from install to removal, full lifecycle support
    • Manage your other hardware on the same contract

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  • Managed Services

    Protect Your Investment with Remote Managed Services

    Burroughs is able to offer a full range of services, many of which can be delivered remotely. You’ll get everything from software patch management to security services to inventory management. The best part? You’re not limited to specific hardware—we service cash recyclers, smart safes, and ATMs.

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  • Cash Recyclers

    Introduction to Cash Recyclers: Who, What, and Why

    No matter the size, scope, or reach of your business, the last thing your operations need is the added stress of a complex cash management process. Every company should be able to rely on a streamlined cash management process with tools that help them eliminate surprises related to its cash flow. With cash recyclers, you can.

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  • Cash Recyclers

    What Can a Cash Recycler Do for Your Organization?

    Cash recyclers can be far more than just a convenience to your business’ cash management process. This is why financial institutions and retailers are also choosing to use cash recyclers to monitor cash flows, establish or increase cash-handling internal controls, streamline the deposit process, and much more. Cash recyclers are available in a variety of models to meet your business’ needs and can integrate easily into your larger cash management system.

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  • Retail

    The Smart Safe Fact Sheet for Retail

    Does handling cash add stress to your day-to-day operations? You’re not alone. More and more retail companies are turning to smart safes as a problem-solving, innovative solution for cash management. Why? Not only will these safes keep your cash secure, but they’ll also offer perks such as speeding up transactions and displaying real-time cash levels.

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  • ATM Servicing

    Your Quick Guide to Independent Third-Party Servicing

    If you independently own or manage a fleet of ATMs, you know that every minute of downtime equates to missed revenue. With a geographically dispersed fleet comprised of diverse hardware and software, a third-party servicer can be the key to ensuring your ATM business is running on all cylinders around the clock.

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  • ATM Servicing

    Your ATM Service Provider RFP Guide

    Although your organization probably has been through the procurement lifecycle more times than it wishes to count, the request-for-proposal (RFP) process to solicit bids and select a service provider for your ATM fleet can introduce some of its own unique challenges. Navigate these challenges by downloading Your ATM Service Provider RFP Guide.

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