Anson Martin

When I joined Burroughs a year ago, I committed to the team that the focus would be on creating a culture built on character, engagement, innovation, and recognition; offering high-value solutions within existing and new markets; strengthening customer relationships, and leveraging our extensive OEM-agnostic technology expertise to deliver the best answer. 

As I met with customers and companies within the industry to discuss ways that we could partner with them to provide their customers and employees with new and innovative solutions, it became clear that Burroughs was in a unique position to be a consultative end-to-end industry partner. Our 134-year history of helping customers advance through numerous technology cycles, combined with our OEM-agnostic approach and a vast network of expert service technicians, I knew it was going to be an exciting, transformational year!

In early 2020, we introduced our new vision, mission, and core values that better represent our aspirations of being a trusted integration partner for the full lifecycle management of payment and transaction technology ecosystems. Throughout the organization, we collectively committed to delivering best-in-class service and solutions through innovation, collaboration, agility, service excellence, and investment in our people.

This renewed commitment & focus has been overwhelmingly embraced as we embark on multiple initiatives across Burroughs that are rooted in our core values. Teams have been empowered to be forward-looking and have risen to the challenge to deliver industry-leading customer experiences, drive organizational and cultural improvements, advance operational efficiencies, and bring new game-changing offerings to market.

Our expanded portfolio of solutions within the financial, retail, gaming, and emerging markets through new strategic partnerships and the recent launch of TransacTec™ Device as a Service, represent our transformational growth mindset.

Each and every day, I am so proud of the entire Burroughs team for their character, commitment, and teamwork with each other and with our customers. Even in the face of a global pandemic, civil unrest, and dynamic economic conditions, the team has adapted and continued to support our “essential business” customers during a time when they needed us most. Burroughs is stronger, more resilient, and focused on building out trusted partnerships with customers to revolutionize the way they do business.

The stage has been set for a very bright future, and I’m excited about what lies ahead for Burroughs as we continue our amazingly unique ‘3-century’ legacy!